Financial support for students

International students have different options available for financial support. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic offers scholarships for study stays within accredited study/doctoral programmes or academic stays at public universities or institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences for:

  • foreign university students for 5-month stays
  • foreign PhD students for 5-month stays (age between 23 and 35);
  • foriegn academics for 3-month stays (age between 30 and 50).

Holders of a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic are exempt from administration fees for the granting of a permit and the extension of a permit for a temporary stay in Slovakia pursuant to internal legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.

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International mobility under the Erasmus programme is seen at Trnava university in Trnava as an important tool for strengthening the quality of learning and also as an important means of internationalization of education.Primary objective of Trnava university in Trnava within the Erasmus programme, which is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, is to increase the number and quality of academic mobility.Trnava university in Trnava has long focused on increasing the proportion of students and scholars who are involved in mobility programmes. Student mobility is increasing, the length of stay in mobility has also observed a significant increase. Trnava university in Trnava is also trying to be attractive for foreign university students and for getting them to study it is trying to take advantage of its geographical location too.


Visegrad Scholarship – International Visegrad Fund

The International Visegrad Fund offers Master’s and post-Master’s schol­ar­ships awarded to selected schol­ars for peri­ods of 1 or 2 semes­ters at public universities in Slovakia.

Action Austria – Slovakia, Cooperation in Science and Education

This Programme is administered by SAIA, n. o. Through the programme, financial support is provided to Austrian PhD students to support their study/research stays (scholarships) or to create partnerships with other PhD students doing research in the same or a closely related field (cooperation projects). Students from the 2nd level of university education (e.g. Master students) apply for scholarships for stays in Slovakia connected with their Master’s thesis preparation. Students and PhD students can also apply for summer language courses in Slovakia


      Trnava University grants regular students financial support in the form of social scholarships and motivation scholarships. A social scholarship from the state budget can be awarded to full-time students upon their written application for the awarding of a social scholarship, accompanied by relevant documents. Motivation scholarships may be awarded to students with excellent study results.