General registration procedures

Pursuant to Section 59 (1 – 6) of Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on on Higher Education and on change and amendment of some acts as amended, enrolment shall be regulated as follows:

                (1) The decision on admission to study pursuant to Section 58 (7) shall entitle the applicant to enrol for study. The term, place and means of registration shall be determined by the university or faculty and they shall notify the admitted applicant about such details.

                (2) The student decides themselves what part of the duties prescribed by the study programme they wish to enrol in, in the following study period related to the enrolment.

                (3) The right of the applicant to enrolment for study pursuant to Clause 1 shall expire if they respond negatively to the university´s or faculty´s question on whether they are going to enrol, or they do not respond within the given time. The right of the applicant admitted to study conditionally to enrolment to study pursuant to Clause 1 shall expire if the applicant does not document fulfilment of the basic admission conditions no later than the registration day.

                (4) Under the conditions stipulated in its code of studies, the university can allow enrolment to a student who was admitted to study in a study programme of a respective degree in the same field of study or a related field of study at another university, providing they submit a request in writing.

                (5) The university shall decide on the request of a student of another university for enrolment to study within 30 days of the delivery of all supporting documents necessary for such a decision pursuant to the university´s code of studies.

                (6) The student becomes a student of the university he or she has enrolled in on the enrolment day pursuant to Clause 4, and their previous studies are considered abandoned as of the day preceding the enrolment date. The university enabling enrolment to the student shall notify the university where the student abandoned their previous studies within three business days after enrolment, including the name of the student and in which field of study they enabled enrolment, and the enrolment date.

Enrolment is also regulated by Article 5 of the Code of Studies of TU in Trnava, and specified in detail in the internal regulations of individual faculties.